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Nobody’s Perfect (ABC 1980, Ron Moody, Cassie Yates)



Nobody's Perfect Ron Moody

In short lived sitcom Nobody’s Perfect English policeman Detective Inspector Roger Hart is transferred on a temporary attachment to San Francisco 22nd Precinct police department.

The shows title was originally to have been Hart in San Francisco but changed because of the series Hart to Hart. Known in the UK as Hart of the Yard because of the UK sitcom also called Nobody’s Perfect.

Ron Moody as Det. Insp. Roger Hart
Cassie Yates as Det. Jennifer Dempsey
Michael Durrell as Lt. Vince de Gennaro
Victor Brandt as Det. Jacobi
Tom Williams as Det. Grauer
Renny Roker as Det. Ramsey

crew details
Creators: Arne Sultan, Chris Hayward
Executive Producer: Norman Barasch
Producers: Arne Sultan, Chris Hayward, Lew Gallo, Edward J. Montagne,

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: ABC – Universal
Duration: 8×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1980