Norman (ITV Sitcom 1970, Norman Wisdom)



Despite having made his TV debut in 1952 this was Norman Wisdom’s first TV sitcom, he plays yet another version of himself.

This time he is a downtrodden tax inspector who quits his job to try an make a career for himself in the world of music. Of course things never did quite go to plan. Episodes saw Norman working in a pub, acting as a temp music teacher, trying to join an orchestra and even tries his hand at amateur dramatics.

At the time with his film career all but over, Wisdom was trying to present himself in a more sophisticated light away from the gurning trouble attracting Wisdom of old. Although as Wisdom mentioned in a TV Times interview (4 Apr 1070 edition) tying in with the series, the character was still not that far removed from his film style.

The series was written by noted farce writers Ray Cooney and John Chapman but the six half hour episodes didn’t make much of an impression. The only two regulars on the series besides Norman were Sally Bazely who played Mrs Tate and David Lodge who played Frank Baker.

Wisdom had a couple more short lived attempts at situation comedy with 1973’s Nobody is Norman Wisdom and 1975’s A Little Bit of Wisdom.

The series was made by ATV for ITV and aired from 2 April – 7 May 1970, the producer and director was Alan Tarrant.

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