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Northanger Abbey (ITV Drama, Felicity Jones)



Northanger Abbey ITV Drama, Felicity Jones

In one off period drama Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones), the daughter of a rural clergyman, is a spirited tomboy with a passion for Gothic novels, which she devours in secret in the garden of her countryside home. When family friends Mr and Mrs Allen (Desmond Barrit and Sylvestra Le Tousel) suggest they take Catherine to Bath for the season, Catherine can barely contain her excitement.

She imagines elaborate balls filled with handsome men and beautiful ladies enjoying the latest dances. And, from the moment her carriage arrives at the opening ball of the season, she is not disappointed. It is in Bath that she makes the acquaintance of the Thorpe family. Vivacious Isabella Thorpe (Carey Mulligan) immediately takes the nervous Catherine under her wing and delights in showing her the highlights of the season, including the fun of flirting with boys and sharing gossip. Isabella is engaged to Catherine’s brother James (Hugh O’Connor), making her the fashionable older sister Catherine has always wished for.

Isabella’s brother John (William Beck) soon declares his romantic interest in Catherine. With his confident swagger and flirtatious persistence, John makes it clear he has designs on Catherine as a wife. However, Catherine’s head is turned by Henry Tilney (JJ Field), son of the intimidating General Tilney (Liam Cunningham). She has the good fortune to gain the General’s approval, which is founded upon the exaggerated report of her family’s wealth – given to him by the misinformed John. The General invites Catherine to stay at the mediaeval family home of the Tilneys – Northanger Abbey. Catherine excitedly accepts, again projecting her passion for Gothic novels onto the eerie castle.

Cast: FELICITY JONES as Catherine Morland; JJ FIELD as Henry Tilney; CAREY MULLIGAN as Isabella Thorpe; CATHERINE WALKER as Eleanor Tilney; SYLVESTRA LE TOUZEL as Mrs Allen; DESMOND BARRIT as Mr Allen; GERRY O’BRIEN as Mr Morland; JULIA DEARDEN as Mrs Morland; HUGH O’CONNOR as James Morland; LIAM CUNNINGHAM as General Tilney; WILLIAM BECK as John Thorpe; MARK DYMOND as Captain Frederick Tilney

Writer: Andrew Davies / Novel: Jane Austen / Producer: Keith Thompson / Director: Jon Jones

UK / ITV-1 Network – Granada / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 25 March 2007 at 9.00pm