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Not Only…But Also (BBC-2 1965-1970, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sketch based series starring not only Peter Cook but also Dudley Moore. One of the regular highlights of the show were the sketches where Pete ‘N’ Dud sat and held forth on any number of ‘insane’ topics which usually saw Dud reduced to fits of giggles. A high calibre of guest stars appeared including John Lennon, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Ronnie Barker, Alan Bennett, Eric Sykes and Barry Humphries.

Many of the shows no longer exist as the BBC decided in their infinite wisdom in the late sixties and early seventies to embark on an extensive junking policy of much of their archive (in order to conserve space and save money on tapes apparently). Not Only…But Also was only one of hundreds of shows to suffer in this way.

Not Only But Also

John Lennon actually appeared twice, he was in the very first episode and also popped up in the special broadcast 26 December 1966. Peter Sellers also appeared in the first season’s fifth episode broadcast 20 March 1965.

There was a compilation special called The Best of Not Only… But Also broadcast on 24 December 1974.

production details
UK / BBC2 / 1×50 minute episode 14×45 minute episodes 7×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 9 January 1965 – 13 May 1970 3 seasons plus one special

Writers included Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Robert Fuest, John Law, Dick Clement / Producers: Joe McGrath, Dick Clement, John Street, James Gilbert