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Not With A Bang (ITV Sitcom, Stephen Rea, Ronald Pickup)



Not With A Bang ITV Sitcom Stephen Rea

In short lived scifi sitcom Not With A Bang, almost everyone in the world is turned to ash following a freak accident. Four survivors set up home in the country.

The four are Colin Garrity (Stephen Rea), Brian Appleyard (Ronald Pickup), Graham Wilkins (Mike Grady) and his wife Janet (Josie Lawrence). Even though the world they knew has gone completely the four were intent of carrying on much like before.

In a funny opening segment the catastrophe is all Judith Hahn’s fault – the Tomorrow’s World presenter accidentally spills the contents of a dangerous beaker during a part of the show – so volotile is it that it soon the whole world is affected. Writers Tony Millan and Mike Walling were better known as actors.

Cast: Ronald Pickup as Brian Appleyard; Stephen Rea as Colin Garrity; Mike Grady as Graham Wilkins; Josie Lawrence as Janet Wilkins

Writers: Tony Millan, Mike Walling / Producer and Director: Robin Carr

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 7×30 minute episodes / 25 March – 6 May 1990 Sundays at 10.05pm