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Oh Brother! (BBC Sitcom, Derek Nimmo, Felix Aylmer)



Sitcom Oh Brother! detailed the misadventures of bumbling novice monk Brother Dominic (Derek Nimmo). After a gap of three years the series returned as Oh Father! with our brother now ‘qualified’ as it were.

Guest stars included Bernard Spear, Wilfred Brambell, Patrick Newell, Diana King, Mollie Sudden, Joan Hickson, Patrick McAlinney, Peter Denyer, Michael Robbins, Derek Benfield, Hamilton Dyce and Arthur White.

Cast: Derek Nimmo (Dominic), Felix Aylmer (Father Anselm), Colin Gordon (Master Of The Novices, Season 1), Derek Francis (Sub-Prior Father Matthew, Seasons 2-3)

Writers: David Climie, Austin Steele / Director: Harold Snoad

UK / BBC One / 19×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 13 September 1968 – 27 February 1970 Three seasons