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Once Upon A Time In The North (BBC Sitcom, Bernard Hill)



In sitcom Once Upon A Time In The North, Len Tollit (Bernard Hill) is determined to provide for his family even though failure manages to dog him at every turn. Len uses his redundancy money from North Cheshire Lubricants to set up his own less than successful cell phone company.

Len Tollit is very much in the mould of Selwyn Froggitt, ever optimistic no matter the trials he faces. His wife Pat (Christine Moore) was certainly more pragmatic and often less than impressed with Len’s schemes. The Tollits had two kids, 15 year old Siobhan (Susan McArdle) and pre-teen Sean (Andrew Whyment). Len’s brother Morris (Bob Mason) was also a regular as was Mr Bebbington (Bryan Pringle) who lived in the Tollit’s granny flat. He was the boyfriend of Len’s recently deceased mum and had yet to move on.

The series only lasted for the one season but offered up plenty of laughs and a rare chance for Bernard Hill to show his comedy chops.

Cast: Bernard Hill as Len Tollit; Christine Moore as Pat Tollit; Bryan Pringle as Mr Bebbington; Susan McArdle as Siobhan Tollit; Andrew Whyment as Sean Tollit; Bob Mason as Morris Tollit; Bill Stewart as Bob Carling

Writer: Tim Firth / Producer: Philip Partridge / Directors: Philip Partridge, John Clive

UK / BBC One – Partridge / 6×30 minute episodes / 3 May – 7 June 1994 Tuesdays at 8.30pm