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One Million Pound Note, The (BBC-1 1968, Stuart Damon, John Bryans)



Ambitious four part adaptation of the Mark Twain story about a man who finds his life changes when he is given a million pound note. Previously filmed in 1953 for the cinema with Gregory Peck in the main role of Henry.

1. A Bet Is Made (29 Sep 68)
2. Never Pay Your Tailor (6 Oct 68)
3. Votes For Women (13 Oct 68)
4. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (20 Oct 68)

production details
UK | BBC One | 4×30 minutes | Broadcast 29 September – 20 October 1968.

Writer: John Hawkesworth
Novel by Mark Twain
Script Editor: Michael Voysey
Music by Tristram Cary
Production Design: Daphne Shortman
Producer: Campbell Logan
Director: Rex Tucker

Stuart Damon as Henry Adams
John Bryans as Butler
David Bird as Ambassador
Bonnie Hurren as Portia
Anton Diffring as Alex