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Origin (YouTube 2018, Tom Felton, Natalia Tena)



In the 10-episode YouTube series Origin, from director Paul W.S. Anderson and the producers of The Crown and Lost, we follow a group of outsiders who find themselves abandoned on a ship bound for a distant land. Now they must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be.

The cast features an international roster of talent including Tom Felton, Natalia Tena, Sen Mitsuji, Nora Arnezeder, Fraser James, Philipp Christopher, Nina Wadia, Madalyn Horcher, Siobahn Cullen, Adelayo Adedayo and Wil Coban.

production details
USA | YouTube – Left Bank Pictures – Midnight Radio – Sony Pictures Television | 10×45 minutes | Premiered on Wednesday 14 November 2018

Mika Watkins as Creator and Executive Producer
André Nemec as Executive Producer
Andy Harries as Executive Producer
Jeff Pinkner as Executive Producer
Josh Appelbaum as Executive Producer
Paul W.S. Anderson as Executive Producer
Rob Bullock as Executive Producer
Scott Rosenberg as Executive Producer
Suzanne Mackie as Executive Producer

Tom Felton as Logan Maine
Natalia Tena as Lana Pierce
Nora Arnezeder as Rey
Sen Mitsuji as Shun Kenzaki
James Fraser as Henri
Philipp Christopher as Baum Arndt
Madalyn Horcher as Abigail Garcia
Adelayo Adedayo as Lee
Siobhán Cullen as Katie Devlin