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Outlaws (NBC 1960-1962, Don Collier, Barton MacLane)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Western drama series Outlaws told stories of a pair of lawmen in the wild west out to catch the bad guys. Interestingly the series also took the viewpoint of the outlaws themselves.

Deputy Marshall was the only consistent cast member across the two seasons that the show ran for.

Don Collier as Deputy Marshal Will Forman
Barton MacLane as U.S. Marshal Frank Caine (Season 1)
Jock Gaynor as Deputy Marshal Heck Martin (Season 1)
Bruce Yarnell as Deputy Marshal Chalk Breeson (Season 2)
Wynn Pearce as Deputy Marshal Steve Corbie (Season 2)

prominent guest cast
Ken Lynch as Abetforth (3 eps)
David White as Clay Fisher (3 eps)
Bruce Gordon as Mercer (3 eps)
Vic Morrow as Joe Cannon (3 eps)
Cliff Robertson as Griff Kincaid (3 eps)
Pippa Scott as Donna Pringle (3 eps)
Gerald Mohr as Beau Lattimer (3 eps)
Ray Walston as Judge (2 eps)
John Anderson as Simon Shaw (2 eps)
Myron Healey as Kirby (2 eps)

key behind the scenes crew
Executive Producer: Frank Telford
Producer: Joseph Dackow, Robert Bassler
Music: Hugo Friedhofer

show type

broadcast from
Premiered: September 29, 1960
Ended: September 13, 1962
Aired: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 50×60 minute episodes

network and production companies