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Over Here (BBC-1 1996, Samuel West, Martin Clunes)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Set in the Second World War, Over Here tells the story of a fighter squadron of young RAF Spitfire pilots who are joined by a squadron of raw USAAF B17 personnel. Inevitably, tensions arise and the comedy of the situation is set against the powerful reality of the war.

Samuel West is Archie Bunting, a 23-year old British fighter pilot, and his father, Timothy West, plays Archie in later life. American actor Jay Goede, who was cast after a lengthy search in the UK and USA, makes his British television debut as Lenko and Todd Boyce plays his commanding officer, Colonel Jack Hewitt. Welsh actress Sharon Geater plays Bronwen, a 20-year-old WAAF, who is Archie’s girlfriend until the arrival of the American troops, when the competition for her affections creates tension and jealousy between Archie and Lenko.

The distinguished cast also features Geraldine James as Lady Beatrice Billingham and Jack Shepherd as her butler, Butler. Real B17s and Spitfires also have a starring role, as the courageous pilots set off on their daring combat missions.

Filmed on location in Norfolk by producer Jacinta Peel and director Tony Dow, Over Here is written by John Sullivan, based on an idea by Ernest Maxin.

production details
UK / BBC One / 2×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 7 – 8 April 1996

Writer: John Sullivan / Producer: Jacinta Peel / Director: Tony Dow

Samuel West as Archie Bunting
Jay Goede as Herschel Lenko
Timothy West as Narrator
Martin Clunes as Group Captain Barker
Geraldine James as Lady Billingham
Jack Shepherd as Butler
Todd Boyce as Hewitt
Sharon Geater as Bronwen
Peter Wingfield as Tully
Christopher Malcolm as Murphy
Francesca Hunt as Rosemary
Angus MacInnes as Collis
Nigel Whitmey as Rayner
Corey Johnson as Webster
Eric Loren as Sharman
Noah Margetts as Al
Gary Parker as Humf
Walter Lewis as JJ
Gregory Cooke as Ramez
Aaron Swartz as Klinsky
Damien Matthews as Charlie
Mark Healy as Ginger
Patrick Toomey as Hopper
Tony Curran as Dougal
Andrew Lincoln as Cappy
David Thwaites as Burns
Amy Marston as Daphne
Rebecca Charles as Thelma
Zoe Hilson as Ann
Clare Cathcart as Edna
Peter Mair as George
Matthew Lloyd Davies as Jarvis
Margaret John as Bronwen as (present day)
Louise Brighton as Daisy
Andrew Faulkner as Max
Lolly Susi as Ruby
Lou Hirsch as Tomasz
Maia Guest as Rosa
Robert Jezek as Dow
Drew Murphy as Lacalle
Lawrence Elman as Bell
Rupert Degas as Denny
Peter Brooke as Guy
Amanda Horlock as Pearl