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P.O.W. (ITV 2003, Patrick Baladi, Matthew Rhys)



Not since the early 1970’s and the days of Colditz has there been a serious drama tackling the subject of British Prisoners of War during WWII.

Beginning in 1940 with Flight Sergeant James Caddon (played by the excellent James D’Arcy) being captured and sent to camp Stalag 39 where he is soon involved with the escape committee and their plans for the tunnel “Elizabeth”. With a specially built set out in Lithuania POW looks fantastic, in fact the whole series has a flavour of classic TV about it rare in today’s fast paced world with longish scenes, realistic dialogue that doesn’t feel the need to include 58 swear words in every sentence and nice ensemble action from the largely all male cast.

The cast also includes ex-Eastender Joe Absolom as chief forager Private Pritchard, Patrick Baladi as head of the POW’s Captain Attercombe whilst Anatole Taubman plays Kommandant Dreiber (who in an interesting twist has his English wife at the canp with him) and with the episodes covering such subjects as murder, prisoners leaping the escape queue because of family circumstances and spies in the camp this is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining series.

The series was filmed in Lithuania.

production details
UK | ITV – Company | 6×50 minutes | 2003

Creator: Matthew Graham

Shaun Dooley
Ewan Stewart
Matthew Rhys as Alfie Harris
Joe Absolom
Amelia Curtis
James D’Arcy
Patrick Baladi
Anatole Taubman
Craig Heaney
Sam Spruell



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