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Paint Along With Nancy (ITV Lifestyle, Nancy Kominsky)



Paint Along With Nancy ITV Lifestyle, Nancy Kominsky

Paint Along With Nancy was one of those 1970’s daytime shows that remains in the memory of many. A relaxing guide to painting by American Nancy Kominsky who over the course of a half hour episode (25 mins minus the ads) would paint a picture (episode titles give you an idea of their content – A Rainy Day In London, Geraniums, Wine and Persimmons) more often that not using a kitchen knife rather than a brush.

For the first couple of series HTV presenter Alan Taylor was also on hand to guide the viewer through Nancy’s ouvre. Later series either featured Nancy alone or with the occasional celebrity guest star such as actress Nina Baden-Semper. Nancy donated a lot of the paintings featured on the show to local hospitals and charities.

Nancy died in 2011 aged 95.

Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole / Producer: Terry Harding (series 4-5) / Director: Caryl Doncaster (Series 1 and 2)

UK / ITV – HTV / 53×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 21 November 1974 – 3 May 1978