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Paradise Island (ITV Sitcom, Bill Maynard, William Franklyn)



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In ITV sitcom Paradise Island entertainments officer Cuthbert Fullworthy (William Franklyn) and the Reverend Alexander Goodwin (Bill Maynard) found themselves stranded on a desert island after a shipwreck.

Creator Michael Haley was a design engineer by trade and had the (not overly original) idea for the series whilst on holiday years before. He had intended Paradise Island to be a one off play originally. Haley wrote only the first of the seven episodes, other scripts were contributed by some well known comedy writers including Vince Powell, Brian Cooke Alan Melville and actor John Junkin.

The show got a decent amount of coverage in the TV Times and the week of 30 April 1977 there was an interview with Franklyn talking about his becoming a father again at fifty, his growing up in Australia (he is English born but for the first ten years of his life lived mostly in Melbourne as his show business parents toured the country).

Cast: Bill Maynard as Rev Alexander Goodwin; William Franklyn as Cuthbert Fullworthy

Creator: Michael Haley / Producers: Stuart Allen, William G. Stewart

UK / ITV – Thames / 7×30 minute episodes / 21 April – 18 July 1977