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In For A Penny (ITV 1972, Bob Todd, Jack Woolgar)



Sitcom In For A Penny told of the exploits of Dan, a lavatory attendant of some 25 years standing. Regular characters include Ali (Kevork Malikyan), Councillor Bundy (Ivor Salter) and The Sergeant (Jack Woolgar).

Often cited as one the worst UK sitcoms ever, after all the title and concept say it all really. A series that was not exactly flushed with success.

In For A Penny was actually Bob Todd’s first starring role in a sitcom after having entered show business in middle age. Much of his career was spent as stooge or feed to comics such as Benny Hill and Marty Feldman. The TV Times of 8 Jul 1972 had a three page feature on him focusing on his career up until that point. According to Todd it wasn’t until a business deal went sour that his wife suggested show-business quickly followed by a chance meeting in a pub with writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Bob Todd as Dan
Jack Woolgar as The Sergeant
Kevork Malikyan as Ali
Ivor Salter as Councillor Bundy

crew details
Writers: John Hawkesworth, John Whitney
Producers: Mark Stuart, Philip Casson

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Company: ITV – London Weekend Television
Duration: 6×30 minute episodes
Aired From: 7 July – 12 August 1972