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Perfect Blue, The (Love Bites 1997, Philip Glenister, Inday Ba)



In The Perfect Blue, one of three single romantic dramas broadcast under the collective Love Bites banner, Tom and Sunny are about to get married – to other people – when they unexpectedly meet again. They used to be in love with each other – but that was years ago, and after all, they had nothing in common.

Sunny (Inday Ba) wanted to live life, dance in the rain and eat lemon jelly for breakfast, while Tom (Philip Glenister) hated taking risks and liked nothing better than sitting at home watching old movies on television. They soon realize that they’re still in love with each other. With their respective weddings fast approaching, Sunny and Tom are forced to decide if their reawakened passions are enough to discard the safe and sensible futures they had planned for themselves.

production details
UK | BBC Two ‘Love Bites’ | 1×90 minutes | 1997

Writer: Nick Collins
Producer: Elinor Day
Director: Kieron J. Walsh

Philip Glenister as Tom
Inday Ba as Sunny
Michele Austin as Frances
Lennie James as Danny
Yvonne Brewster as Mrs Jordan
Michael Liebmann
Katie Carr
Ruth Gemmell as Jo
Rupert Vansittart as Flashback Date #2
Flora Montgomery as Film Student #2
Ben Caplan as Film Student #3