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Personal Affairs (BBC Drama, Maimie McCoy, Annabel Scholey)



Personal Affairs BBC Drama, Maimie McCoy, Annabel Scholey

A strange mix of thriller and soap style drama Personal Affairs focuses on five personal assistants working for busy city financial firm Hartmann Payne. Midge dreams of being a reality TV star, Sid has secret plans to embezzle a fortune from the company, Lucy aspires to become a partner, Nicole just wants to be rich whilst Grace has just had a proposal of marriage from her boss. When Grace goes missing suddenly it opens up a whole can of worms that promises to change the lives of the girls forever.

Smart and funny but just a bit too knowing and a bit too seedy at times. Lots of cleverness though, a great touch with the girls all being seen different by each boss as they arrive, from slut to the perfect fifties secretary. As the episodes progress the show seems undecided whether to go down the soap/romance side of the street or for the thriller angles and consequently ends up being neither one nor the other.

Cast: LAURA AIKMAN as Lucy Baxter; OLIVIA GRANT as Grace Darling; MAIMIE McCOY as Nicole Palmer-Amory; RUTH NEGGA as Dorus Siddiqi; ANNABEL SCHOLEY as Michelle Lerner; MARK BENTON as Iain Ebelthite; DARREN BOYD as Simon Turner; EMILY BRUNI as Rachel Klein; ROBERT GRANT as Rock van Gelder; ARCHIE PANJABI as Jane Lesser; JOE ABSOLOM as Bob Baxter; KIERAN BEW as Avi Gellman; JAMIE DAVIS as Robbie Gascoine; JEREMY SHEFFIELD as Dr Richard Palmer; AL WEAVER as Crawford Crawford; MICHAEL FENNER as Judge Wilkes; RUSSELL BARR as Cruella de Thrill; RON COOK as Bernie Lerner; ADRIAN LUKIS as Jeeves; GARETH THOMAS as Leo Hartmann; BEN LLOYD-HUGHES as Dominic Fitz-Wallace

Creator: Gabbie Asher / Script Editor: Lucy Guy / Technical Advisors: Christian Howells, Kenny Mcguire / Production Design: Mike Gunn / Costumes: Louise Allen / Music: Nina Humphreys / Opening Titles: Grant Gilbert / Executive Producers: Susie Conklin, Amanda Martin, Anne Mensah / Producer: Gillian McNeill / Director: Ashley Way

UK / BBC Three – 2AMTV / 1×70 minute episode 4×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 June – 14 July 2009 Tuesdays @ 9.00pm