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Peyton Place (ABC 1964-1969, Mia Farrow, Ryan O’Neal)



Peyton Place was a 1960’s night time soap set in the small town of the title (itself situated somewhere in New England), the series storylines mainly dealt with matters of the heart but took in soap staples such as murder and the like. The show also turned two of it’s young actors Mia Farrow and Ryan O’Neal into major stars.

Peyton Place had one of the largest regular casts on TV at the time with sometimes over 100 recurring characters, the ones featured in our cast list below are the ones who made the most important contributions.

During the second season Lola Albright stood in for Dorothy Malone when she fell ill. Malone always received top billing too until she finally left the series in June 1968.

One interesting piece of trivia is that whilst Martin Peyton died in November 1968 he was brought back to life for the daytime revival version!

Between 1972 & 1974 and for 50×30 minute episodes the series had a daytime revival under the title Return to Peyton Place. Then in 1985 there was another attempt to revive the series, this was called Peyton Place: The Next Generation. It aired on 13 May 1985 and never progressed beyond pilot stage.

Peyton Place

Ed Nelson as Mr Michael Rossi.

production details
USA / ABC – Twentieth Century Fox / 514×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 September 1964 – 2 June 1969

Creator/Executive Producer: Paul Monash / Music: Fanz Waxman

DOROTHY MALONE as Constance Mackenzie Carson (1964-68)
MIA FARROW as Allison Mackenzie (1964-66)
ED NELSON as Mr Michael Rossi
WARNER ANDERSON as Matthew Swain (1964-65)
PAUL LANGTON as Leslie Harrington (1964-68)
RYAN O’NEAL as Rodney Harrington
BARBARA PARKINS as Betty Anderson-Harrington-Cord
KASEY ROGERS as Julie Anderson
HENRY BECKMAN as George Anderson (1964-65)
KENT SMITH as Dr Robert Morton
JAMES DOUGLAS as Steven Cord
RUTH WARRICK as Hannah Cord (1965-67)
TIM O’CONNOR as Elliott Carson (1965-68)
ERIN O’BRIEN-MOORE as Nurse Choate (1965-68)
LESLIE NIELSEN as Dr Vincent Markham (1965)
DAVID CANARY as Dr Russ Gehring (1965-66)
LANA WOOD as Sandy Webber (1965-66)
LEIGH TAYLOR-YOUNG as Rachel Welles (1966-67)
DAN DURYEA as Eddie Jacks (1967-68)
BARBARA RUSH as Marsha Russell (1968-69)
DIANA HYLAND as Susan Winter (1968-69)
BOB HOGAN as Rev. Tom Winter (1968-69)