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Australian TV

Pirate Islands (2003, Brooke Harman, Eliza Taylor Cotte)



Pirate Islands Channel 10

Pirate Islands was a children’s action adventure series. When 15 year old Kate and her younger brother and sister are accidentally zapped into their computer game they find themselves in a land of eighteenth century Pirates. Marooned in an exotic archipelago, the three children set up base in a secret tree house and battle the sinister Captain Blackheart, and his motley band of fearsome Pirates.

Kate meets a stranded group of Castaway Children, lead by the dashing Mars, a fearless leader who helps Kate in her quest and between whom sparks fly. Their only way home is to win the game by beating the Pirates to the ultimate prize and hidden treasure, – The Golden Idol – which is guarded by an evil ghost. Kate’s electronic wizardry is pitted against the Pirate’s swashbuckling skills.

From the same production team who also made the excellent Ocean Girl, Pirate Islands is great fun, it throws in all manner of tricks from a flying golden egg, talking flowers and even holograms, it’s very much in the vein of classic kids TV of yesteryear.

production details
Australia / Channel 10 – Jonathan M Shiff-Fox-Film Victoria / 26×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 March – 30 June 2003

Creators: Jonathan M Shiff, Greg Millin / Producers: Jonathan M Shiff, Daniel Scharf

Brooke Harman as Kate Redding
Eliza Taylor-Cotte as Sarah Redding
Nicholas Donaldson as Nicholas Redding
Oliver Ackland as Mars
Collin Moody as Captain Blackheart
Darcy Bonser as Perry
Lucia Smyrk as Carmen