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Play For Today: The Flipside of Dominick Hyde (BBC One 9 Dec 1980, Peter Firth, Caroline Langrishe)



Very well remembered scifi comedy drama The Flipside of Dominick Hyde saw time travelling Dominickl from the year 2130 paying visit to 1980’s London and ends up fathering one of his own ancestors.

In the year 2130 life is very boring, very formal and obsessed with hygiene. When Dominick arrives in 1980’s London it is anything but any of those things. He is taken under the wing of the lovely Jane who teaches him about this new world and the pair become lovers leading to the paradoxical situation of Dominick becoming the father of his own great-great-grandfather.

A sequel two years later, Another Flip For Dominick, saw the time traveller catching up with Jane once more. This time out Dominick was on the hunt for another time traveller, Bonnington, who has gone missing in 1982.

The fabulous closing song, You’d Better Believe It Babe, is by a band called Meal Ticket, the lead singer of which was Rick Jones better to kids at the time for his role as host of TV show Fingerbobs.

Flipside of Dominick Hyde BBC 1980

Dominick and his future present wife Ava (Pippa Guard)

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×91 minute episode / Broadcast 9 December 1980

Series: Play For Today Season 11 Episode 7

Writers: Jeremy Paul, Alan Gibson / Music: Meal Ticket / Production Design: Roger Murray-Leach / Producer: Chris Cherry / Director: Alan Gibson

Peter Firth as Dominick Hide
Pippa Guard as Ava
Caroline Langrishe as Jane
Patrick Magee as Caleb Line
Trevor Ray as Alaric
Sylvia Coleridge as Great Aunt Mavis
Jean Trend as Helda
Timothy Davies as Jim
Denis Lawson as Felix
Bernadette Short as Midge
Tony Melody as Harry Shoe
Bill Gavin as Brian
David Griffin as Carl
Karl Howman as Geoffrey
Jenny Donnison as Carole
Michael Carter as First Youth
Phil Davis as Second Youth
Mark Wingett as Third Youth
Nicholas McArdle as Policeman
Sylvia Brayshay as Ida
Colin Cunningham as Gordon
Ysanne Churchman as Magi / Soo
Gary Bramble as Jonathan
James Gilbey as George
Jason Savage as Young Dominick
Sarah Carthy as Anxious Mother
Myrtle Devenish as Market Woman
Andrew McLachlan as Commuter
David Beale as Barman