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Play For Tomorrow (BBC Scifi, Kenneth Branagh, Robin Ellis)



Play For Tomorrow BBC Bill Nighy

Play For Tomorrow was a six part anthology series which saw the writers being commissioned by the beeb to take a look at our possible future. The writers, who included Caryl Churchill, Peter Prince and Michael Wilcox, were given viewings of a BBC talk by a teacher, a journalist, a novelist, a computer scientist, an ecologist, an economist and a psychiatrist and it was themes raised in this that the plays mainly touched on.

The six productions were pretty much all downbeat in nature and not offering an overly rosy view of Britain in the future. Guest stars included a young Kenneth Branagh, Robin Ellis, Julia Foster, Neil Pearson and Tracey Childs.

Script Editor: Chris Parr / Producer: Neil Zeiger

UK / BBC-1 / 6x 60 minute episodes / Broadcast 13 April – 18 May 1982

The plays were
1.CRIMES / Writer: Caryl Churchill Director: Stuart Burge with Sylvestra La Touzel, Julia Foster
2.BRIGHT EYES / Writer: Peter Prince, Director: Peter Duffell with Robin Ellis
4.THE NUCLEAR FAMILY / Writer: Tom McGrath, Director: John Glenister
5.SHADES Writer: Stephen Lowe, Director: Bill Hays with:- Tracey Childs, Francesca Gonshaw, Neil Pearson,
6.EASTER 2016 / Writer: Graham Reid, Director: Ben Bolt With Denys Hawthorne, Kenneth Branagh,