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Play For Today: Dog Ends (BBC-1 1984, Leonard Rossiter)Play For Today: Dog Ends (BBC-1 1984, Leonard Rossiter)


Play For Today: Bavarian Night (BBC-1 1981, Bob Peck, Sarah Badel)



In the superbly funny Bavarian Night middle class scriptwriter Joe Pike and his wife Alice have agreed to attend a social evening at their daughter’s primary school. Neither particularly want to attend but Joe has promised fellow parents Jim and Arlene that they would. Right on head teacher Godfrey Rigg has high hopes for the evening but it very quickly descends into drunken chaos.

Things get even further out of hand when Joe has a quickie with Arlene in the infants cloakroom. Especially when their partners find out (mainly because Arlene has failed to do her blouse up correctly).

The dialogue is Andrew Davies at his best and Sarah Badel in particular is fantastic as Alice, but there isn’t a duff note from any of the players.

production details

UK / BBC-1 / 1×80 minute episode / Broadcast 31 March 1981

Writer: Andrew Davies / Producer: Louis Marks / Director: Jack Gold

Series: Play For Today Season 11 Episode 22

Bob Peck as Joe Pike
Sarah Badel as Alice Pike
Gawn Grainger as Tim Forrest
Barrie Rutter as Godfrey Rigg
Christine Hargreaves as Estelle Parsons
Allan Surtees as Fred Foleshill
Brian Protheroe as Hans
Michael Parkhouse as Carl
Liza Hayden as Florence
Bert Crome as Otto
Julian Littman as Robert
Phil Langham as Heinrich
Kristopher Kum as Mr Chin
Pamela Ah-Young as Su Chin
Kris Emmerson as Chinny
Malcolm Terris as Jim
Arwen Holm as Arlene
Jack Chissick as Little Man
Karen Craig as Little Man’s Wife
Noel Collins as Phil
Gary Olsen as Youth


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