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Play of the Week: The Terror (ITV 1956, Alfie Bass, Sean Connery)



Based on a famous Edgar Wallace thriller The Terror, broadcast under the Play of the Week banner, saw a pact made between convicts lead to murder at Monkshall Priory.

A young Sean Connery also made an appearance.

production details
UK / ITV Network – Associated Rediffusion (Play Of The Week) / 1×90 minute episode /Broadcast Monday 27 Aug 1956 @ 8:00pm in black and white

Writer: Juan Cortez / Play: Edgar Wallace / Set Design: John Clements / Director: Peter Cote

Alfie Bass as “Soppy” Marks
Desmond Walter-Ellis as Ferdinad Fane
John Blythe as Joe Connor
Max Adrian as William Goodman
David Markham as Sergant Dobey
Arnold Bell as Superintendent Aske
Llewellyn Rees as Cotton
Bryan Coleman as Superintendent Hallick
Catherine Boyle as Mary Redmayne
Raymond Francis as Colonel Redmayne
Marjorie Rhodes as Veronica Elvery
Brian Haines as Chief Warder Joyce
Richard Shaw as Warder Timms
Julian d’Albie as Major Craddock
Other Warders, Convicts and Policemen: Vincent Holman, Graham Ashley, Sean Connery, John East, Brian Hamilton, Ron Braden, Hubert Woodward, Anthony Tankred