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Potter (1979-1983, Arthur Lowe, Robin Bailey)



Potter BBC 1979-1983 Arthur Lowe, John Barron

Sitcom that focused on retired businessman Redvers Potter (he of Potter Mints, The Hotter Mints fame) who just can’t help himself when it comes to getting on people’s nerves.

With too much time on his hands Potter focused on “helping” people but his help was seldom appreciated.

Arthur Lowe died after season two but three years later the series briefly returned with Robin Bailey in the lead role.

There had been an untransmitted pilot made in 1978.

production details
UK / BBC One / 20×30 minute episodes / Broadcast Broadcast 1 March 1979 – 9 April 1980 and 17 July – 28 August 1983

Writer: Roy Clarke / Theme Music: Ronnie Hazlehurst / Producers: Peter Whitmore, Bernard Thompson

Arthur Lowe as Redvers Potter (Series 1-2)
Robin Bailey as Redvers Potter (Series 3)
Noel Dyson as Aileen Potter
John Barron as Vicar
John Warner as Tolly Tolliver
Sally Bowers as Harriet (Series 1)
Ken Wynne as Willy (Series 1)
Harry H. Corbett as Harry Tooms (Series 2)