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Pretorius (ITV 1987, Clive Wood, Cyril Appleton)



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One off crime drama that saw Belgian detective Inspector Andreis Pretorius attempting to track down a cargo of deadly drugs.


production details
UK | ITV – Thames | 1×100 minutes | Broadcast 1 September 1987

Writer: Michael Chapman
Executive Producers: Lloyd Shirley, Brian Walcroft
Producer: Michael Chapman
Director: Christopher Hodson

Clive Wood as Pretorius
Cyril Appleton as ‘Foxy’ Reynaert
Timothy Morand as Le Brun
Arne Gordon as Skipper
Michael Haughey as Mortier
Stephen Greif as Vaneck
John Labanowski as Klosters
Tony Melody as Commissaris Huizinga
Christopher Farries as Waiter In Brugge
Sam Dale as Doctor
Greg Cruttwell as Patrolman Paatars
Frank Coda as Caretaker
Bruce McGuire as Foster
Crispin Harris as Waiter In Zeebrugge
Penelope Nice as Telephone Operator
Peter Aubrey as Plainclothes Man
Laurie Holloway as Leader of Bert Timmermans And His Flanders Four
Elsa O’Toole as Tanji
Clem Davis as Paulo
John Owens as Maitre D’
Mike Hayward as Club Doorman
Peter Jonfield as Willems
Michael Heath as Vermuelen
David McEwan as Dog Handler
Anne Rutter as De Jong’s Receptionist
Liz Goulding as Hotel Manageress
Michael Turner as De Jong