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Pursuit (ITV Thriller, Ben Cross, John Glover)



In two part mini series Pursuit, a one time officer in the SS is forced to change his identity and go on the run. The end of the second world war is closing in and SS Army Colonel Helmut von Schraeder (John Glover) undergoes plastic surgery whereupon he turns himself into a jew named Ben Grossman (now played by Ben Cross).

Having made sure von Schrader has been declared dead Grossman then plans to have himself interned in a concentration which is about to liberated by the allied forces. Years later, now living in Palestine, he is shocked to learn his son (played by John Glover again) has decided to make a film about a Nazi camp commandant called Helmut von Schrader.

Most of the reviews focused on the outrageoously convoluted plot. Also known as Twist of Fate.

Cast: Ben Cross as Ben Grossman; Veronica Hamel as Deborah; John Glover as Max Brodsky; Bruce Greenwood as Helmut / Dan; Sarah Jessica Parker as Miriam; Larry Lamb as Davi; Ian Richardson as Schlossberg; Nickolas Grace as Wolf; Paul Freeman as Mittendorf; Constantine Gregory as Perez; Trevor Byfield as Richter; Nick Brimble as Soli; John Bennett as Wishnak; Martin Friend as Steiner; Simon MacCorkindale as Manley-Jones; Tony Mathews as Mullins; Ed Wiley as Willie; Peter Sands as Lieutenant Haeften; Leon Lissek as Ginsberg; James McCarthy as Blakely; Alf Joint as Chairman; Geoffrey Bateman as Bank Manager

Writers: Gy Waldron, William Bast, Paul Huson / Book: Robert L. Fish / Music: Laurence Rosenthal / Executive Producers: Larry White, Henry Plitt / Director: Ian Sharp

UK / ITV – HTV – Columbia Pictures / 2×100 minutes / 16-17 July 1990