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Quatermass II (BBC 1955, John Robinson, Monica Grey)



Sci-Fi drama serial that was a sequel to The Quatermass Experiment. Two years on and the professor is back (this time played by John Robinson in place of Reginald Tate who sadly died just before filming was due to commence). This time out expectation was huge (the available TV audience had grown massively too since the first serial, thanks in no small part to the live broadcast of the Queen’s Coronation) and it didn’t disappoint.

In the six parter Professor Bernard Quatermass has problems on his hands when aliens plan an earth takeover. The aliens are using an asteroid as a handy base and have the ability to use mind control to take over people’s brains and bodies.

Location filming was at the Shellhaven Refinery in Essex.

production details
UK / BBC / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 22nd October – 26th November 1955 black and white

Writer: Nigel Kneale / Producer: Rudolph Cartier / Director: Stephen Wilkie / Special Effects: Bernard Wilkie, Jack Kine

JOHN ROBINSON as Professor Bernard Quatermass
MONICA GREY as Paula Quatermass
JOHN STONE as Captain John Dillon
RUPERT DAVIES as Vincent Broadhead

Professor Quatermass attends the site of crashed alien object, whilst he is there another object crashes in front of him releasing a strange gas.
Guest Cast: RIAN HAYES as Sgt Grice / TONY LYONS as Private / ERIC LUGG as Fred Large / HILDA BARRY as Mrs. Large / HERBERT LOMAS as Robert / RICHARD CUTHBERT as Landlord / KIM GRANT as Technician / PETER MACARTE as Technician / PETER CARVER as Aussie Commentator

Captain John Dillon has been scarred by the crashed object, he is spirited away by some strange guards and Quatermass is unable to find him. Quatermass also discovers that several officials involved in an inquiry about the crash have also been scarred.
Guest Cast: AUSTIN TREVOR as Fowler / JOHN MILLER as Stenning / WILFRED BRAMBELL as Tramp / PETER CARVER as Inspector Clifford / MICHEAL BRENNAN as Dawson / SHEILA MARTIN as Child / HILDA FENEMORE as Mother / MICHEAL COLLINS as Thompson / DIANA CHESNEY as Secretary / O’ DONOVAN SHEILL as Head Of Commission

Quatermass II

Quatermass must get back into the crash site – a chemical plant – and now has to trick his way in. One of the men with him, Ward is killed after being covered in some bizarre synthetic food substance. Doctor Leo Pugh has discovered where the crashed object has come from – an alien asteroid.
Guest Cast: DEREK AYLWARD as Ward / JOHN CAZABOND as Doctor / MARGARET FLINT as Waitress / ILONA FERENCE as Mother / SYDNEY BROMLEY as Father / MELVYN HAYES as Frankie / TREVOR REID as Analyst / PHILIP LEVENE as Supervisor / STEPHEN SCOTT as Guard / AUSTIN TREVOR as Fowler / JOHN MILLER as Stenning / O’ DONOVAN SEILL as Head Of Commission

Quatermass organizes a deputation of local villagers to march on the plant. Once there he discovers a huge alien growing inside one of the food storage domes.
Guest Cast: ROGER DELGADO as Conrad / MICHAEL GOLDEN as Paddy / JOHN RAE as McLeod / ELSIE ARNOLD as Mrs. McLeod / IAN WILSON as Ernie / DESMOND JORDAN as Young Workman / MARTIN LANE as Technician / TOM CLEGG as Guard / AUSTIN TREVOR as Fowler.

The workers at the plant conspire to destroy it and Quatermass plans to send up a rocket to destroy the asteroid.
Guest Cast: MICHAEL GOLDEN as Paddy / JOHN RAE as McLeod / IAN WILSON as Ernie / DESMOND JORDAN as Young Workman / DENTON DE GRAY as Technician / MARTIN LANE as Technician

Quatermass launches his rocket but must also overcome his assistant Dr. Pugh who has been taken over.
Guest Cast:  DENTON DE GRAY as Technician / MARTIN LANE as Technician / DENIS McCARTHY as Doctor / CYRIL SHAPS as Control Assistant