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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (BBC-1 2000-2001, Bob Mortimer, Vic Reeves)



The 2000 remake of the classic 1969 detective series was met with mixed reviews. The casting of comicdouble act Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer in the lead roles was inspired, however, with Bob playing the straight man to Vic’s ghost.

The first episode sees Marty Hopkirk killed for exposing a love cheat, but, as with all ghosts who die before their time, he was given one night to return to earth and help his partner solve his own murder. However, in solving the case, Marty outstays his welcome and is stuck in ‘limbo’ between living and death.

To help him become accustomed to his newly dead state, the mysterious ghost, Wyvern is assigned to advise Marty how to use the unique powers he has as a ghost. Jeff is the only one in the land of the living who can see Marty, who as a ghost wears all white clothes.

Special effects abound in this series, benefitting from the advances made in technology since the 1960’s series. Many familiar faces join the series as guest stars, and writer Charlie Higson makes Hitchcock-like cameos in every episode.

A half hour behind the scenes doco was broadcast on BBC One Saturday 15 April 2000 @ 9.45pm.

production details
UK | BBC One – Working Title | 12×50 minutes | 2000-2001

Writer and Producer: Charlie Higson
Executive Producer: Simon Wright

BOB MORTIMER as Jeff Randall
VIC REEVES as Marty Hopkirk
EMILIA FOX as Jeannie Hurst
TOM BAKER as Wyvern



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