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Rebel, The (BBC-1 1969, John Shaw, Laura Sarti)



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A contemporary opera set in an unnamed People’s Republic. A wall keeps people in and they want their freedom but Adler believes that getting rid of hatred and violence comes first.

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 1×65 minute episode / Broadcast 4 April 1969

Writer: Ronald Duncan / Music: Thomas Eastwood / Production Design: Norman James / Producer: Cedric Messina / Director: Rudolph Cartier

John Shaw as Adler
Laura Sarti as Maria
Anne Pashley as Sandra
Don Garrard as Luber
Francis Egerton as Niko
Michael Rippon as Martin
Peter Benson as Jan
Roger Norrington as Lippmann
Reginald Jessup as Brun
David Morgan as Mark
Norman Lumsden as Karel
Alexander Morgan as Rader
Trevor Anthony as Commandant
Laurie Leigh as Waitress
April Cantelo as Narrating Chorus
Gerald English as Narrating Chorus
Ambrosian Opera Chorus
New Philharmonia Orchestra