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Reckless (ITV 1997-1998, Francesca Annis, Robson Green)



Romantic drama series. Young doctor Owen Springer begins a major love affair with his older and much married boss Anna. Although set against a medical background, Reckless is most definitely not about medicine or patients. The hospital is, instead, an appropriate background against which this contemporary dangerous liaison is played.

Following the six episodes in 1997 a two hour TV Movie tied up the loose ends in 1998.

production details
UK | ITV | 6×60 minutes | 1×120 minutes | 1997-98

Writer: Paul Abbott
Producer: Sita Williams

Michael Kitchen as Richard Crane
Francesca Annis as Anna Fairley
Robson Green as Owen Springer
Kathryn Pogson
Julian Rhind-Tutt
David Bradley as Arnold Springer
Debra Stephenson
Conor Mullen
Malcolm Raeburn
Margery Mason
Kathryn Hunt
Daniela Nardini as Viv Reid