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Relative Strangers (Channel 4 Sitcom, Matthew Kelly, Mark Farmer)



In sitcom Relative Strangers middle aged layabout Fitz (Matthew Kelly) is shocked when John (Mark Farmer) the teenage son he didn’t know he had turns up on his doorstep and moves in with him.

This was another strong Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran series, the lead character of Fitz had previously appeared in their sitcom Holding the Fort. It was pretty popular (it scored a place in Channel 4’s all time top twenty based on ratings) and would have been even more popular had it appeared on ITV instead.

Cast: Matthew Kelly as Fitz; Mark Farmer as John; David Battley as Gerald; Bernard Gallagher as Percy Fisher; June Page as Heather (Season 1); Jacqueline Beatty as Carol (Season 2)

Writers: Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran / Music: David Cullen / Director: John Kaye Cooper

UK / Channel 4 – Humphrey Barclay Prod. / 19×30 minute episodes / 14 January 1985 – 9 March 1987