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Rescue: Special Ops (Channel 9 2009-2011, Libby Tanner, Peter Phelps)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Action adventure series Rescue: Special Ops focuses on a team of elite Paramedics working in Sydney. Usually involved in search and rescue ops, the team are led by Dean Gallagher who is more often than not in conflict with fellow team member Chase – who just happens to be his brother.

Station Co-Ordinator Vince Marchello is the likable guy who keeps the team running smoothly, whilst station manager Michelle Letourneau was one of the original members of the team; Lara Knight might be something of a princess outside of work but is always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous ops. Meanwhile Jordan Zwitowski is a speed freak and Heidi Wilson is the new girl on the team.

Exciting and big of budget Rescue: Special Ops always packs plenty of bang into its episodes. The personal lives of the team are of course as much to the fore as their professional antics. The first season didn’t perform quite as well as Nine expected but, unusually for these times, they persevered and commissioned a second season allowing the show to find its audience somewhat.

production details
Australia / Channel 9 – Southern Star Entertainment / 48×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 2 August 2009 – 5 September 2011

Producers: Julie McGauran, Sarah Smith / Theme Music: Get a Little Dirty by The Ironweed Project

Libby Tanner as Michelle LeTourneau
Peter Phelps as Vince Marchello
Les Hill as Dean Gallagher
Gigi Edgley as Lara Knight
Daniel Amalm as Jordan Zwitkowski
Katherine Hicks as Heidi Wilson
Andrew Lees as Chase Gallagher
Luke McKenzie as Lachie Gallagher (Season 3)
Wil Traval as Hamish McIntyre
Tim McCunn as Ian Johnson
Jessica Napier as Nicole (Season 1)
Simmone Jade Mackinnon as Fiona Charlton (Season 1)
Gary Sweet as Shane Gallagher (Season 1)
Martin Dingle Wall as Jake Hudson (Season 1)
Luke Pegler as Bingo (Season 2)
Vanessa Gray as Renae Daltry (Season 2)
Todd Lasance as Cam (Season 3)