Return To The Lost Planet (BBC Scifi, Peter Kerr)

In six part family scifi drama Return To The Lost Planet (which was a sequel to The Lost Planet) space travellers Dr Lachlan McKinnon (John Stuart) and Jeremy Grant (Peter Kerr) find themselves marooned on the planet Hesikos ruled over by the Hesikosians especially leader Solveg and his daughter Asa.

According to the Radio Times the name of the planet Hesikos was chosen because it had been mentioned as a possible minor planet by Plato that had passed through Earth’s orbit 10,000 years ago.

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Cast: Peter Kerr as Jeremy Grant; John Stuart as Dr Lachlan McKinnon; Joan Allen as Madge Smith; Wolfe Morris as Andrieff; Derek Benfield as Professor Bergman; Michael Segal as Dorman

Writer: Angus MacVicar (aka Andre Norton) / Design: John Cooper / Director: Kevin Sheldon

UK / BBC / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 January – 19 March 1955

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