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Rich Deceiver (BBC Drama, Lesley Dunlop, John McArdle)



In two part drama Rich Deceiver, based on the novel by Gillian White, when Liverpudlian Ellie Freeman (Lesley Dunlop) wins a fortune on the pools she doesn’t let her husband Malc (John McArdle) know but instead secretly sets up a business and arranges for him to run it.

Unfortunately for Ellie the role of executive comes all too easily to Malc and he ends up leaving Ellie for a younger woman and moves into an apartment in the Docklands. Ellie realises she needs to engineer his downfall to win him back.

Cast: Lesley Dunlop as Ellie Freeman; John McArdle as Malc Freeman; John Salthouse as Robert Beasley; Petra Markham as Bella Beasley; Elizabeth Morton as Gabriella De Courtney; David Yip as Ricky Raman; Sean Gilder as Sean Murphy

Writer: Laura Lamson / Novel: Gillian White / Producer: Michelle Mendoza / Director: Gurinder Chadha

UK / BBC One / 2×70 minute episodes / Broadcast 2-3 Sep 1995