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Road Hauks (History 2017, with Kenny Hauk)



Road Hauks History 2017

Taking inspiration from iconic American designs, History’s unscripted series “Road Hauks” follows the creation of custom off-road vehicles that pay homage to the past while still maintaining a modern, rugged look.

Kenny Hauk and his crew of expert mechanics and fabricators at Hauk Designs are history buffs who pride themselves on the ability to make builds that are both historic and have high-horsepower.

Hauk began his business out of his parents’ garage and has grown the company into a world-renowned off-road automotive shop. The team’s inspiration for vehicles has no limits. From a Colt .45 handgun to a steam locomotive to a Viking battering ram, they transform all eras of history into their builds. Hauk executes his designs with the help of his team including lead mechanic Rick, lead fabricator Rob, mechanic Clint, operations manager Justin, technician Josh Moe, and his wife and part owner Vianna.

Kenny Hauk

key behind the scenes crew
Jason Fox as Executive Producer
Kevin Allgood as Executive Producer
Laura Palumbo Johnson as Executive Producer
Matthew Ostrom as Executive Producer
Sean Boyle as Executive Producer (History)
Zachary Behr as Executive Producer (History)

show type
documentary, reality

broadcast from
Saturday April 8, 2017

network and production companies
History – Magilla Entertainment



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