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Road To Coronation Street, The (BBC-4 2010, David Dawson, Jane Horrocks)



With the fiftieth anniversary of Coronation Street fast approaching, drama The Road to Coronation Street took us back to the weeks leading up to it’s debut on British television on December 9th 1960 at 6.53pm. Young writer Tony Warren has teamed up with producer Harry Elton and director Derek Bennett to put together a show called Florizel Street for Granada TV. Tony is determined that this will be the first series to be about real people and real lives, with his ideas for a cobbled street, terraced houses and a pub at the centre of it all…

Fabulous casting and the glaze of nostalgia make this a real treat. The fact that the lead players are people we have all grown up with adds an extra frisson to proceedings too. Lynda Baron is almost a clone of Violet Carson and Jessie Wallace a revelation as Pat Phoenix. Interestingly and somewhat strangely William Roache is played by his real life son James. Says a lot about the current fractured state of British television that this was a BBC Four production rather than the lavish, heavily promoted ITV thing it should have been.

production details
UK | BBC Four | 75 minutes | Broadcast Thursday 16 September 2010 @ 9.00pm

Writer: Daran Little
Producer: Rebecca Hodgson
Director: Charles Sturridge

Shaun Dooley as Derek Bennett
Jane Horrocks as Margaret Morris
Christian McKay as Harry Elton
David Dawson as Tony Warren
Phoebe Nicholls as Mrs Simpson
Tara Moran as Edna Walker
Jessie Wallace as Pat Phoenix
Celia Imrie as Doris Speed
Lynda Baron as Violet Carson
Sophia Di Martino as Josie Scott
Henry Goodman as Cecil Bernstein
Steven Berkoff as Sidney Bernstein
John Thomson as Harry Kershaw
James Roache as William Roache
Michelle Holmes as Brenda
Enid Dunn as Agnes
David Williams as Commissionaire
Anne Aris as Nita Valerie



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