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Runway One (BBC-1 1995, Peter Capaldi, Aisling O’Sullivan)



Peter Capaldi

Thriller serial Runway One focused on a couple who find themselves involved in a complex smuggling operation.

production details
UK / BBC-1 – BBC Northern Ireland / 2×85 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 and 28 August 1995

Writer: Barry Devlin / Producer: Robert Cooper / Director: David Drury

Peter Capaldi as Mick Galligan
Aisling O’Sullivan as Frances
Andrew Connolly as Ned Farrelly
Marshall Bell as Hanson
Edward Willey as Lee
Robert Beltram as Ramon
Christopher Rozycki as Sheransky
Gerard McSorley as Manning
Garrett Keogh as Maurice Connaughton
Tony Rohr as Tuohy
Lorraine Pilkington as Maggie Clark
John Finn as Van Damme