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Ruth Rendell Mysteries: The Fallen Curtain (ITV 6 Aug 199, Ben Brazier, Barbara Ewing)



Ruth Rendell Mysteries

In single drama The Fallen Curtain, young Richard Clayton is busy studying at University but beset by anxieties related to an event that happened to him when he was six and he mysteriously went missing. What happened to Richard at the time is a complete mental blank. When he gains an unexpected inheritance following the death of his Grandmother he buys himself a car and finds himself inexplicably drawn to driving it to the spot where he went missing all those years before.

production details
UK / ITV – Meridian – Blue Heaven / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 6 August 1999 at 9.00pm

Series: The Ruth Rendell Mysteries Season 15 Story 2

Writer: Doug Livingstone / Producer: Neil Zeiger / Director: Matthew Evans

Ben Brazier as Richard, Aged 18
Barbara Ewing as Jean Clayton
David Daker as Stanley Clayton
Edna Doré as Gran
Max Brazier as Richard, Aged 8
Tracey Murphy as Sally Spence, Aged 18
Gregg Prentice as Johnny
Carl Ferguson as Police Constable Murray
Ian Puleston-Davies as Police Constable Carter
Martin Lazzeri as Kevin
Laura Sadler as Brenda
Vincent Brimble as Doctor
Peter Harding as Inspector Bannister
Philip Croskin as The Man
Danielle Hawley as Sally Spence, Aged 11
Heather Jay Jones as Girl At Party
Toby Cockerell as Car Salesman
Nicholas Hoult as Barry
Julie Booth as Mrs Parks
Tim Faraday as Policeman