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Safe And Sound (BBC-1 1996, Des McAleer, Gabrielle Reidy)



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Sitcom. Exploits of a pair of Belfast garage owners, one of whom is Catholic, the other Protestant.

Protestant proprietor Dougie Flynn (SEAN McGINLEY) and Catholic mechanic Tommy Delaney (DES McALEER) have been friends since childhood and, although often at loggerheads, they’re closer than brothers.

Dougie has pursued Eleanor (MICHELLE FAIRLEY), Tommy’s wayward sister, for 20 years and Tommy’s marriage to the hard-headed Maggie (GABRIELLE REIDY) is floundering. The men’s friendship, relationships, dreams and escapades are charted against the backdrop of a rapidly-changing Belfast.

Filmed on location in Northern Ireland.

production details
UK | BBC One – Witzend – BBC Northern Ireland | 6×30 minutes | Broadcast 9 August – 13 September 1996

Writer: Timothy Prager
Producer: Joanna Willett
Director: Bill Pryde
Executive Producers: Robert Cooper,Geoffrey Perkins.

DES McALEER as Tommy Delaney
SEAN McGINLEY as Dougy Flynn
MICHELLE FAIRLEY as Eleanor Delaney
GABRIELLE REIDY as Maggie Delaney
CONOR O’DWYER as Hughie Delaney