Saracen (ITV 1989, Christian Burgess, Patrick James Clarke)

Action adventure series Saracen detailed the exploits of the London based security firm of the title. The company specialised in the VIP protection game and was led by former SAS major David Barber.

Barber’s right hand man was Tom Duffy and the pair travelled far and wide (everywhere from Spain to Central Africa in fact) as well as the UK.

Colonel Patrick Ansell was actually the managing director of the company but all the action was handled by Barber and Duffy. The series, created by former Clapperboard presenter Chris Kelly and Ted Childs, was most similar in tone to The Professional.

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There was a feature length pilot broadcast in 1988 called The Zero Option but this featured a completely different cast (Stephen Hattersley played David Barber).

Patrick James Clarke and Christian Burgess

production details
UK / ITV – Central / 1×100 minute episode / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 November 1988 and 2 September – 25 November 1989

Creators: Chris Kelly, Ted Childs / Producers: Deidre Keir, Patrick Harbinson / Executive Producer: Ted Childs

Christian Burgess as David Barber
Patrick James Clarke as Tom Duffy
Michael Byrne as Colonel Patrick Ansell
Ingrid Lacey as Alice
John Bennett as Nugent

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PILOT 19 November 1988

SEASON ONE 2 September – 25 November 1989
1. DECOY (2 Sep 89)
2. INFIDELS (9 Sep 89)
3. PROOF OF DEATH (16 Sep 89)
4. ROBBERS (23 Sep 89)
5. INTO AFRICA (30 Sep 89)
6. STARCROSS (7 Oct 89)
7. TOOTH AND CLAW (14 Oct 89)
8. CROSSFIRE (21 Oct 89)
9. RATLINE (28 Oct 89)
10. THREE BLIND MICE (4 Nov 89)
12. GIRL’S TALK (18 Nov 89)
13. REAPER (25 Nov 89)

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