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Scarecrow and Mrs King (CBS 1983-1987, Kate Jackson, Bruce Boxleitner)



Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a one-hour, action adventure with a touch of espionage series. After proving herself to be smart and resourceful in a life-threatening crisis, Amanda King (Kate Jackson), a single mother of two living in Washington, D.C., becomes involved with a handsome operative (Bruce Boxleitner), code name “Scarecrow,” who works for a secret government agency. Mrs. King also finds herself working for the agency – as his partner.

Danger, intrigue and suspense follow Mrs. King who must keep her double life hiddenfrom her family and boyfriend, which often puts her into humorous and difficult situations. Her common sense and honest face make her a reliable teammate, but the expert spy Scarecrow, a loner, is never sure that Mrs. King is the ideal partner.

Scarecrow got his handle from a previous “Oz team” he worked in the early seventies when all the operatives were given code names from The Wizard of Oz.

Scarecrow and Mrs King

production details
USA / CBS – Universal / 89×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 October 1983 – 10 September 1987

Theme Music: Arthur B. Rubenstein

Kate Jackson as Amanda King
Bruce Boxleitner as Lee Stetson
Mel Stewart as Billy Melrose
Beverly Garland as Dotty West
Martha Smith as Francine Desmond
Paul Stout as Philip King
Greg Morton as Jamie King
Raleigh Bond as T.P. Aquinas (1986-1987)
Myron Natwick as Dr Smith (1987-1987)



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