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Screen Two: The Firm (BBC Two 26 Feb 1989, Gary Oldman, Lesley Manville)



In hard hitting drama The Firm, Bex is an estate agent who leads a double life as the leader of a gang of extremely violent football hooligans. Bex and his firm are planning a major assault on Europe.

Directed by the iconic Alan Clarke this is a violent slice of drama, vicious people doing vicious things. Football hooligans had galvanised themselves in the late seventies early eighties into highly co-ordinated groups often closely affiliated with British Nationalism. The Firm really tapped into that, led by a superb performance from Gary Oldman.

Writer Al Hunter is better known as actor Al Hunter Ashton, he was just starting to make strong inroads as a writer around this time.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×67 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 26 Feb 1989 at 10.10pm

Writer: Al Hunter / Production Design: Chris Robilliard / Camera: John Ward / Producer: David M. Thompson / Director: Alan Clarke

Series: Screen Two Season 5 Episode 8

Gary Oldman as Bex
Lesley Manville as Sue
Phil Davis as Yeti
Andrew Wilde as Oboe
Charles Lawson as Trigg
Robbie Gee as Snowy
Terry Sue Patt as Yusef
Steve McFadden as Billy
Roderick Smith as Cliffie
Dave Atkins as Bill
William Vanderpuye as Aitch
Jay Simpson as Dominic
Patrick Murray as Nunk
Nick Dunning as Simon
Nicholas Hewetson as Beef
Steve Sweeney as JT
Hepburn Graham as Stu
Dan Hildebrand as Sully
Kevin Allen as Lomax
Martin Barrass as Alan
Stephen Petcher as Mark
Herbert Norville as Joe
William Hayes as Phil
Kim Durham as Hospital PC
Stefan Escreet as Travel Agent
Robert Hamilton as Pullen
Phillip Joseph as Sociologist
Debbie Killingback as Gill
Mark Monero as Wesley
Cassie Stuart as Siobhan
Mandy Vickerman as Strippergram
Jo Warne as Ethel
James Woolley as Housebuyer
Albert Bentall as Sammy