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Sea Change (Lifetime 2017, Emily Rudd, Keenan Tracy)



Sea Change, a supernatural drama based on the YA novel by New York Times bestselling author, Aimee Friedman, follows Miranda Merchant (newcomer Emily Rudd) a teen girl on a journey to reunite with her estranged mother Amelia (Maria Dizzia, Orange is the New Black), who lives on a seemingly idyllic island off the coast of New England after the death of her father.

As Miranda settles into island life, she finds herself torn between TJ (Keenan Tracey, Supernatural), heir to one of the oldest Selkie families, and mysterious bad boy Leo (Skyler Maxon, Faking It) who is part of the working class “townies.” When Miranda learns about the Seawalkers, who, according to local legend, are half human and half sea creature, she begins to believe that they could be real. As she uncovers more about her family’s past, Miranda makes a startling discovery about her own connections to the Seawalkers.

Emily Rudd as Miranda
Keenan Tracey as TJ
Sarah Power as Kit Morgan
Maria Dizzia as Amelia
Siobhan Williams as Ginny
Gabriel Hogan as Ramsay
Zoé De Grand Maison as Naomi
Jon Cor as Finley Williams
Taylor Russell as Cece
Justin Kelly as Bobby
Skyler Maxon as Leo
Bernard Robichaud as Bobby Sr
Charlie Boyle as Young Miranda
Joanne Vannicola as Nick Colley
Rob Delano as Bellhop

crew details
Original Author: Aimee Friedman
Writer: Liz Sczudlo
Director: Chris Grismer
Executive Producer: David MacLeod, Fernando Szew, Lloyd Segan, Sharon Bordas, Shawn Piller

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: Lifetime – MarVista Entertainment – Piller-Segan
Duration: 1×120 minute episode
Aired From: Sunday 17 September 2017