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Search (NBC 1972-1973, Hugh O’Brian, Doug McClure)



Search 1972

Action adventures series Search detailed the stories of a trio of ‘bodyguards’ working for World Securities more often than not specialising in tracking things or people that were missing. The organisation had some heavy duty advanced technology that they could call upon to help with their cases – including dental implants that enabled them to communicate by clicking their teeth and radio transceivers implanted directly into the ear. Another major tool at their disposable was a tiny scanner that could send and receive information.

Of the three agent Hugh Lockwood was a one time astronaut and nominally the lead agent, Nick Bianco tended to deal with organized crime and C.R. Grover tended to be something of a floater taking cases where ever he was needed. The trio answered to V.C.R. Cameron who watched over them from his hi-tech base. Also on hand was medical supervisor Gloria Harding.

Based on a pilot called Probe. The stars rotated the leads and appeared only every third week (despite all appearing in the opening credit at the beginning of each episode.)

Search 1972

production details
USA / NBC – Warner – Leslie Stevens / 24×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 13 September 1972 – 20 August 1973 Wednesdays at 10.00pm

Creator: Leslie Stevens / Music: Dominic Frontiere / Producer: Robert H. Justman, Anthony Spinner

Hugh O’Brian as Hugh Lockwood
Tony Franciosa as Nick Bianco
Doug McClure as Christopher R. Grover
Burgess Meredith as B.C. Cameron
Ford Rainey as Dr. Barnett
Angel Tompkins as Gloria Harding
Byron Chung as Kuroda
Ginny Golden as Miss Keach
Tom Hallick as Harris
Ann Prentiss as Probe control agent
Ron Costro as Probe control agent
Albert Popwell as Griffin
Cheryl Ladd as Amy
Pamela Jones as Miss James, Probe Control
Tony De Costa as Ramos, Probe Control (7 eps)