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Secret Beneath The Sea (ITV Scifi, Gerald Flood)



Secret Beneath The Sea was the third and final serial featuring journalists Mark Bannerman (Gerald Flood) and Peter Blake (Stewart Guidotti), in this six parter the pair are joined by teenager Janet Slayton (Ingrid Sylvester). The trio are working on a story in the subterranean city of Aegira. The city is being used as a base to collect Phenicium from the sea bed. Phenicium is a very rare metal that is needed for space exploration because of it’s heat resistant capabilties. The trio discover that Kurt Swendler is on a mission to take control of the Phenicium and try to stop him.

Bannerman and Blake had preciously appeared in Plateau of Fear and City Beneath The Sea.

Cast: Gerald Flood as Mark Bannerman; Stewart Guidotti as Peter Blake; Peter Williams as Captain Payne; Richard Coleman as Dr Deraad; Ingrid Sylvester as Janet Slayton; Delena Kidd as Dr Ellen Carey; Robert James as Professor Gordon; David Spenser as Professor Soobiah; Michael Darlow as Helmsman; Derek Smee as Engineer; Murray Hayne as Sanders; Reginald Smith as Sir George; Anthony Woodruff as Inspector Lovatt; Denis Goacher as Kurt Swendler; Christopher Sandford as Seaman; Harry Webster as Tug master; Brian Hawksley as Doctor; Peter Jesson as Sentry

Writer: John Lucarotti / Programme Advisor: Mary Field / Production Design: James Goddard, Stanley Woodward / Producer: Guy Verney / Director: Kim Mills

UK / ITV – ABC / 6×25 minute episodes / 16 February – 23 March 1963