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Secret River, The (ABC-1 2015, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Sarah Snook)



Period drama mini-series. In 1805 convict William Thornhill and his free settler wife Sal are transported to New South Wales. Through the story of the young couple The Secret River dramatises the colonisation of Australia and the escalating conflict between the original Indigenous inhabitants and the newly arrived white convicts and settlers.

The Secret River shot for eight weeks in locations across Victoria and on The Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney.

production details
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as William Thornhill
Sarah Snook as Sal Thornhill
Lachy Hulme as Thomas Blackwood
Tim Minchin as Smasher
Trevor Jamieson as Gumang / Grey Beard
Rory Potter as Willie Thornhill
Finn Scicluna-O’Prey as Dickie Thornhill
Katherine Kelly as Mrs. Webb
Adrian Pickering as Lavender Brother
Huw Higginson as Alexander King
Samuel Johnson as Saggity
Rhys Muldoon as Lord Loveday
Genevieve Lemon as Mrs. Herring
James O’Connell as Dan
Dom Phelan as Ned
Angus Pilakui as Long Bob/Durunung
Leila Gurruwiwi as Marrabu
Heath Bergersen as Mullaba

Writer: Jan Sardi and Mac Gudgeon
Novel: Kate Grenville
Production Design: Herbert Pinter
Costumes: Edie Kurzer
Producer: Stephen Luby
Director: Daina Reid

Australia / ABC-1 – Ruby Entertainment – Screen Australia – Film Victoria / 2×90 minute episodes / 2015