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Sentinel, The (UPN 1996, Richard Burgi, Garrett Maggart)Sentinel, The (UPN 1996, Richard Burgi, Garrett Maggart)


Sentinel, The (UPN 1996, Richard Burgi, Garrett Maggart)



In fantasy drama The Sentinel the sole survivor of an Army plane crash in the Peruvian hinterlands, Jim Ellison subsisted for nearly two years on his raw animal instincts. During his ordeal, strange powers of perception that had lain dormant his whole life awakened in him. When he returned to America and became a police lieutenant, Jim discovered that the same abilities that had kept him alive in the jungle now gave him extraordinary — but unpredictable — senses of perception in the civilized world.

With the help of his superior officer Captain Simon Banks and a grad student named Blair Sandburg, Jim now attempts to use these powers to apprehend a terrorist bomber called the Switchman. But unless Jim Ellison can learn to control his amazing abilities, the Switchman’s explosives will demolish his new role as a sentinel of justice before it even begins.

production details
USA / UPN / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 March 1996 – 12 August 1999

Richard Burgi as Jim Ellison
Garrett Maggart as Blair Sandburg
Bruce A. Young as Simon Banks


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