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Sex, Lies And Michael Aspel (BBC-3 2003)



Sex, Lies And Michael Aspel

Sex, Lies And Michael Aspel was a funny spoof documentary that exposed the secret life of television presenter Michael Aspel and how irresistible he was to women in the early days of his television career. His secret liaison with Valerie Singleton is revealed and due to a later affair with American actress Pamela Anderson he is being forced to go public in this documentary because she was threatening to tell all.

Michael is seen preparing for a large family gathering where all his illegitimate children are to meet for the first time. All his secret children are well known British TV personalities in their own right who were unaware that Michael was their real father or that he had been secretly guiding their careers from behind the scenes without their knowledge. All the parts were played by the actual people.

production details
UK / BBC Three / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 2003

Writer, Producer and Director: Rob Farquhar



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