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Shooting The Past (BBC Drama, Lindsay Duncan)



In four part BBC Drama Shooting The Past US property developer Christopher Anderson (Liam Cunningham) has problems when he finds the staff of a huge picture library still working away in the London building that he plans to turn into a business school. Marilyn Truman (Lindsay Duncan) and Oswald Bates (Timothy Spall) who are in charge of the library are less than impressed with Anderson’s arrival and the fact that he intends to sell off the best pictures in the collection and get rid of the rest.

When she learns something interesting about Anderson’s grandmother Truman and the rest of her staff, use the picture library to tell the story of her life.

There were two short (5 minutes or so) monologues also attached to the series, these featured two of the characters from the series, Spig (Emilia Fox) and Veronica (Billie Whitelaw).

Cast: Lindsay Duncan as Marilyn Truman; Timothy Spall as Oswald Bates; Liam Cunningham as Christopher Anderson; Billie Whitelaw as Veronica; Emilia Fox as Spig; Arj Barker as Garnett; Blake Ritson as Nick; Sheila Dunn as Molly; Jean Channon as Dinner Lady; Jennifer House as Dinner Lady

Writer and Director: Stephen Poliakoff / Music: Adrian Johnston / Executive Producers: Simon Curtis, Peter Fincham / Producer: John Chapman

UK / BBC Two / 3 episodes of varying duration from 50 – 70 minutes / 10 January – 24 January 1999