Six Million Dollar Man, The (ABC 1973-1981, Lee Majors)



Scifi drama series The Six Million Dollar Man was one of the biggest shows of the 1970’s. A huge success with both children and adults alike with merchandise galore and a star making turn from Lee Majors.

The plot concerns NASA pilot Steve Austin who is nearly killed in a crash, scientists ‘rebuild’ him using bionic parts. He then works for the Office of Strategic Studies tackling crime and fighting evil.

A major spin-off called The Bionic Woman (the two shows had several cross over episodes) later appeared, the character Jaime Sommers (played by Lindsay Wagner) appeared in this as Steve’s love interest before being killed off and then brought back to life in her won show. Steve had bionic legs, a bionic arm, a bionic eye and the amazing ability to run in slow motion.

The initial inspiration for the show was the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin.

Lee Major the Six Million Dollar Man

Lee Majors as Steve Austin.

production details
USA | ABC | 103 episodes (mostly 60 minutes) | AIRDATES: 1973-81

Creator: Harve Bennett / Executive Producers: Harve Bennett, Glen A. Larson, Allan Balter, Kenneth Johnson / Theme Music: Oliver Nelson

LEE MAJORS as Colonel Steve Austin
ALAN OPPENHEIMER as Dr Rudy Wells (1)
MARTIN E. BROOKS as Dr Rudy Wells (2)

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